DJ Rafik"Evolvement of DJ & Turntablism Technology"

Gabriel Prokofiev & Mr. Switch " Concerto for Turntable"

Alex Sonnenfeld " Theory of Motions and Turntablism Notation"

Johannes Kreidler „Sampling: Its Worth & Value, Laws & Borders"

Symatic & Moschops "Geometric Sounds: An introduction to Skipless Record Design"

Dr. Ryan Ross Smith "Animated Music Notation"  

Dr. Arno Simons "Relationship between Science, Technology and Society"

ESKEI83 "How to Use Todays DJ Technology to Improve Your Performance" 

Dr. Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen "Analysis and Modelling DJ Performance"

Tim Kroker " Playing Strategies and Music Notation for Advanced Finger Drumming"

DJ Raedawn "History of Transcription Methodology for Music"

DJ Freshfluke "Herstory of Female DJing " 

Dr. Ryan Ross Smith " Introduction to Live Coding and its music possibilities"" 

Marc Hype "Origins of Hip Hop DJ Culture" 

SirCut "Acoustical Possibilities of Syntablism"

Clockwerk "Finger Drumming Masterclass"

Tommy Tone " Qontrol -A- Tone and Fretlessfader Movement"

ESKEI83 " Serato Masterclass on Sample"

Donna Maya "Music out of the air"

Doshy "Pursuing your Hopes and Dreams as a Musician".

Jay de Large " Live Looping with Ableton"