The SMF crew is comprised of industry professionals and artists with a vast amount of interdisciplinary skills. Individually, we have handled events of all sizes for several types of crowds.

We’ve been on stage and backstage, in front of the camera and behind it.

We’ve done underground and we’ve done corporate, for over a decade. We’ve worked in advertising, event and product management.

Joining forces under the SampleMusicFestival label allows us to handle anything you could possibly throw our way. 

Musikmesse / Prolight & Sound 2019

For the first time, Sample Music Festival has collaborated with another event: Musikmesse / Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, Europe’s largest event for musical performance and technology. The results exceeded our most optimistic expectations: throughout all four days of the show, our musical interaction area with a massive showcase stage and a hands-on Jam Box attracted an international audience of all ages to watch and experiment on their own. Media coverage of performances and interviews has allowed us to bring our various art forms closer to the public’s eye, and we’re already hatching plans to continue our mission to legitimize turntables and MIDI controllers as fully-fledged musical instruments in 2020. 

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many partners and sponsors, so we’d like to say thanks to all of them: Schenker Technologies, Akai Professional, Rane, Native Instruments, Panasonic/Technics, Mixars, Ableton, Denon DJ, Ortofon, HHV, DVD Lernkurse and LiteConsole. See you next year!