Cancelled!!! SMF x Prolight&Sound 2021

Frankfurt am Main

Dear follower

We all hoped until the very end to meet again in Frankfurt in April for the next Sample Music Festival. But currently we are facing a de facto ban on events in Germany - in addition to serious travel restrictions. There is no relief in sight at the moment. Hence, in close consultation with the Prolight&Sound, we have decided to focus on 2022 for our next adventure in Frankfurt. So there will be no Sample Music Festival @ Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt am Main in 2021.

This is a great disappointment for our entire team, which started planning for 2021 immediately after last year's event was cancelled. Nevertheless, together with you we are looking forward with hope:

We look forward to seeing you again in person from 26 - 29 April 2022 in Frankfurt - and to an impressive new start for the event industry as soon as the situation allows.

For more information, please visit or or follow us on social media.

The SMF & Prolight + Sound team <3 

Finger Drumming World Champion 2020 !!!!!

Steve Nash (PL)

Steve Nash (PL) is SMF Finger Drumming World Champion 2020. In this video he drops his winning routine - a modern interpretation of Beethoven's works with ultra high-level finger drumming skills. Hype! Please check our Battle TV Channel to see all performances of the top 8 finalists and all the other participants. 

Final Livestream Finger Drumming World Championship 2020



Final Live Stream Finger Drumming World Championship 2020. GET HYPED! We are about to present the TOP 8 entries from this year's SMF Finger Drumming World Championships and reveal the winners - on top of that, special guest DiVinCi will host a live workshop!


Visit MELODICS Twitch.TV on Friday August 21th, 7PM CET and GET A TWITCH ACCOUNT if you don't have one yet. 

Clash of the Titans Champion 2020


When true Titans Clash, only one can walk away - this year, that person is none other than DJACKULATE  aka 

Jack Bunga Dempsey


Congratulations to him, but also, as always, MAJOR PROPS to EVERY competitor, judges and our sponsors - you are ALL doing your part to keep the culture alive, and WE LOVE YOU! It's never easy to judge these things, but this year was especially hard as the overall skill reaches insane levels.

Top 8 Finger Drummer!!

World Championship 2020

THE JURY HATH SPOKEN! Here are the TOP 8 participants of this year's SMF Finger Drumming competition - click through to the YouTube playlist via the link below. Starting today, these 8 competitors have 2 weeks to submit their next video entry. We're super excited about the high skill level on display here what do YOU think? Here are the names of the finalists.


Steve Nash


Beat Matazz

Dok Brass

Rick Feds


Lax da Monk

Tony Beatbutcher


We are still stocked about the number of submissions !!!!

Finger Drumming World Championships + Beat Making Battle 2020

Beathoven Edition

The SMF Finger Drumming battle is back with the official world championship format and a special category for beat makers! Due to travel restrictions not being possible we will hold an online battle and shift the focus to one of the most popular composer of the music scene's 250th birthday, Ludwig van Beethoven aka -Beathoven-!

Clash of the Titans 2020 powered by Reloop

"Beethoven Edition"

The Clash of the Titans battle is back with a new format! Due to travel restrictions and local scratch battles not being possible we will hold an online battle and shift the focus to one of the OG titans of the music scene's 250th birthday, Ludwig van Beethoven! 

Prolight & Sound Middle East 2019 in Dubai

The SampleMusicFestival team is more than satisfied: "We have succeeded in creating our first international event and looking forward to proceeding on that." During the Prolight & Sound Middle East 2019 in Dubai, visitors joint an exciting program of workshops, showcases, and a B4B scratch competitions. In our 110 sqm area, we allowed visitors to experience and get their hands on the latest technology. Our artist's team has created an inspiring experience dedicated to novel sound tools and visual technology. DJ City hosted a successful Link Up with around 100 professional DJs from Dubai, and for the first time in the history of PL+S Dubai, an underaged girl was allowed to perform live on stage. That was a significant signal which underlines our mission for the future in the UAE. One love to the community in Dubai for their hospitality and welcome. Check the photo gallery to get more insights!

Sample Music Festival 2019

Film by BoomCity TV

BoomCity has captured the best moments of the festival with this masterpiece. We would like to thank all participants of the event for this great experience with unforgettable moments. We are already working on a sequel for the coming year. Everything will be bigger, more colourful and exciting.

SampleMusicFestival 2019

We can`t wait to celebrate our 5th anniversary with you in Berlin. As always you can expect an excellent line up of international artists and experts who share their knowledge. Sample Music Festival has one clear mission statement based around four simple core ideas: Explore, Educate, Experiment and Entertain. Please check the line-up to get more information about our program. You are also able to purchase the different ticket options on our site.

We celebrate the creative synergy of the extraordinary talent attracted to Berlin over the last five years, and are proud to have become a catalyst for it. 

When many artists gather in one place, it’s natural for them to start brainstorming and exchanging ideas about their various individual methods.

At Sample Music Festival, this has led to many unexpected impromptu sessions which have produced amazing results and keep the audience coming back for more.

We are eager to share this energy with the world, and this is where our unique Jam Box installations really shine.

Our artists are incredibly passionate about their craft, so they usually follow up on their workshops and showcases in the Jam Box, taking advantage of its dynamic open format to move their setup there and interact with the audience in a personal way during Q&A sessions.

Multiple artists will also frequently team up to try out ideas they came up with on the fly, and invite the audience to join them. This is how we breathe new life into modern musical education.


Knowledge becomes worthless unless it is shared, and sharing knowledge has been a core element of Sample Music Festival since its inception.

Over the last decade, technology has made significant advances, allowing those who choose to embrace it more creative freedom than ever.

However, that overabundance of choices makes it hard for beginners to take the first steps, and even experienced artists are sometimes overwhelmed by it.


Every manufacturer aims to lock users into their ecosystem of products, but this is simply not how things work in the real world. Unique workflows demand unique combinations of hardware and softwareto provide the most efficient solution.

Our workshops, ranging from entry-level topics to advanced masterclasses, will go above and beyond the established format and incorporate everything that helps an artist achieve their individual goals.

We will talk about DJing, production, live performance and visuals as well as bold new approaches like syntablism, sensor tracking, live coding and extended reality.

The audio industry has failed to adapt to emerging social trends and urban culture. This has led to the decline, and in some sad cases the outright demise of some outstanding events. 


Because of this, marketing efforts have largely shifted towards online campaigns where a crucial aspect of discovering new products is simply missing.


Interactivity is key - and this is where our Jam Box concept comes in. Unlike an expo in the traditional meaning of the word, we invite exhibitors to set up their products side by side, interconnected on a massive table - and linked to a sound system.


Accompanied by artists from our roster, who each have worked in the industry as product specialists, attendees enjoy a fresh take on exploring new products by jamming together live alongside highly prolific creators to guide them. 




The final, and perhaps most importantpiece of the puzzle is where we return tothe reason why every single one of us is doing what we do: to entertain.


As showcase artists, we care deeply about creating impressive and truly memorable experiences for our audiences.

We approach every project with reckless, playful abandon - and that attitude is best reflected on stage. We will educate during the day, and party at night. This is why it’s called Sample Music Festival.


Your visit can further benefit from having a line-up of amazing performers who will take the extracurricular part to the next level with jaw-dropping live shows.

SMF @ Musikmesse/FFM 02.-05.04.2019

This year, Sample Music Festival has partnered with Musikmesse / Prolight+Sound Frankfurt - Europe’s largest event for musical performance and technology. For the entire duration of the show, we’ve installed a musical interaction area in cooperation with some of the industry’s leading brands. We’ve received great feedback on this concept and are looking forward to entertaining this wonderful, international audience again in 2020! 

Jam Box presented by SMF

Welcome to JamBox, a FREE monthly session hosted by Sample Music Festival: open stage for turntablists, finger drummers, beatmakers and everybody who represents sample music culture… or just likes to kick back and watch it all happen!


On the first Monday of every month, you’ll have the opportunity to hang out, jam together, show off your skills or even host a workshop about the things you love & share your craft with others.


Open call for submissions at – join us!


Venue: Cassiopeia

Revaler Strasse 99, 10245 Berlin

SampleMusicFestival 2018

We are so proud!

SampleMusicFestival made it on the front page of Germanys most popular magazine for electronic music production.  A big step for SMF to put our culture more in the public focus. 

Also we were featured in 2018 at with an nice article. Beware Musikmesse, SMF is Here ;-)


Musical Interaction Room

One big focus of the event was the linking of sponsors and attendees in an intuitive way so that everyone who attends SMF 2018 can benefit. We strived to stray from the regular exhibition set up for purely commercial purposes, to do this we installed this year a "musical interaction room“.  

The aim was to animate the attendees to use sponsor products in this in this musical context. All the equipment was pre-loadeded with samples/sounds and daisy chained with the PA in the room and so the users conducted jam sessions in between the hourly product related showcases.  

Clash of the Titans

This years highlight was the "Clash of the Titans" battle between 12 different scratch communities from all over the globe. All of them are known for high-level scratching and battles and this year we brought them together Prior to SMF each country hold their own local battle, the top 1 of the local battle were heading to Berlin for the final. The winner of the 2018 edition was DJackulate from Ireland who owns the crown as the first international skratch titan. Thanx to all chapters and participants who were involved.   

Breaking New Ground

In 2018 we broke new ground by including more traditional musicians. Hence we have teamed up with BIMM. This music institute is a group of eight independent colleges with over 6,000 students that specialize in providing Modern Music education. 

Due to this cooperation we attracted more people from outside of the established  turntablism and finger drumming community to promote public awareness of sample-based music. We gained from this cooperation new input to create a growing network of music enthusiasts.

SMF 2018 Finger Drumming Competition

Oh man what a night ! After the big success of the first Finger Drumming Competition we rang the bells for the next round. Twelve participants from all over the globe competed against each others in Berlin. 

It was a tremendous battle and the audience went totally nuts. Congratz to Beat Matazz from France who won the battle.  

Thanx to AKAI for powering this competition and all the other sponsors who were involved. See you next year!


Beat Making Session

Sample Science is monthly event in Berlin that brings producer and sound geeks together. At this years SampleMusicFestival we hosted a special edition of this session. Eleven participants joined this session and had a lot of fun. Within two hours they produced beats using one particular audio sample which was provided by Tracklib. Prior to this  session we installed  a round panel on sampling with interesting guests from the industry.  We definitely shall be expanding this concept for 2019.


Digital Vinyl Edition

In cooperation with SERATO and Battle Avenue we have released for SMF 2017 a special SampleMusicFestival Serato DVS record.  This record includes a download card with beats by several artists including DJ Excess, D-Strukt, Cut&Paste records and more.  

Open Call for 2018

Interested artists and developers from various disciplines are encouraged to submit music project ideas to become a participant at SampleMusicFestival. Selected participants who have proposed a project idea will be named official in the program schedule and will get a free festival + accommodations for two nights. 

Finger Drumming Battle

The first finger drumming competition was a bis success. We had participants from France, Italy, UK, Poland, Russia and Germany making the crowd go crazy. The winner of 2017 was Guvibosch and we are looking forward to seeing him defend the title in 2018. 

Skratch Competiton

With 20 scratch DJs entering, the level of skills in the 2017 competition was one of the highest ever. Symatic brought the title back to the UK and Chmilex from Poland came in a worthy second place. Thanks to all participants, Battle Ave and the judges who did a great job. 

One of our aims is to progress constantly the concept of the event. For instance, we would like to involve more electronic music artists to expand the program schedule and attract more people from other music genres to visit the venue.  Another idea is to host a controllerism competition and install jam sessions for all kinds of musicians. The festival's focus, therefore, is making contacts. A meeting of modern music and venue for linking different aspects of sample culture.


Now it´s up to you because we need your help! Please gives us feedback on the last events and what you liked the most and what criticism you may have. If you know an artist or inventor of devices or software which relates to sample music - please let us know! Use the form below to share your ideas no matter what it is! Thank you in advance.

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    Unicat (Thursday, 10 October 2019 12:45)


    We are Unicat ( It is a producer duo from Berlin (Germany). Music oscillates between different genres - from electronics, soul up to jazz, pop and even elements of classical music. Such combinations can also be found in texts where a human being with his weaknesses and journey through the life is placed next to nature.
    Unicat was awarded as one of the most interesting bands of the year 2018 in a competition to the Berlin Music Commission and his song „Ocean” has appeared on the „Listen to Berlin 2018/ 2019” compilation. Unicat has played a tour in China in September 2018, performed during CEMF 2019 (Poland) and played several concerts across Berlin.
    We would like to play at your festival. We are looking forward to your feedback!


    Music video:


    EP on Spotify:

    Unicat Team

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    John UK (Saturday, 04 November 2017 12:09)

    Awesome concept! Greetz from Leeds