Festival line up 2019

On 3 days, a variety of turntablists, DJs , scientists, finger drummer and beatmakers will  take over Cassiopeia Berlin, transforming it into an in & outdoor play space for sound nerds of all ages. Featuring more than 20 artists from  around the world, this eclectic, futuristic event brings vibrancy to the sample music culture. We thank the many organizers, artists and sponsors who make this festival possible each year.  Peep the current status of the line up and watch out for s.ome news.

Status June 2019

Kypski (NL)

Kypski started out as a sixfold Dutch scratching champion, but eventually followed his heart, and entered the realms of sound design, composition and music production. The turntable is his main instrument, on which his thirst for innovation and the new is expressed.

He collaborates with legendary musicians in almost every thinkable genre, and has played or dj-ed at the biggest venues in Holland and abroad. From the Paradiso, Melkweg, Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam to the Hammerstein Ballroom and Webster Hall in NYC, to the Glastonbury Festival Mainstage with Caro Emerald to opening for Philip Glass at the 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event. With the top notch Matangi String Quartet and the Amstel Saxophone Quartet, he creates a fusion of electronics, beats and 'classical' music. 


Now, he is building his modular 'Syntablism' system wich enables him to scratch any parameter of the modular synthesizer with his one of a kind melodic turntable, and he improvises new musical pieces on the spot while doing so.

Pro Zeiko (GER)

He’s one of the most famous DJs in germany.

He’s a regular guest in the top 100 clubs of the world.

He’s official 3 times DJ World Champion.

 The born Berliner ensures packed dancefloors and astonished faces since many years. With his unique style and dynamic technique, he got his hands on the pulse

of times and easily captivates any crowd.

 Whether he’s live on stage with the Black Eyed Peas, Paul van Dyk or Tiesto,

Pro-Zeiko rarely has the chance to unpack his luggage at home.

 In 2012 he was travelling to various major cities on 4 continents and more than 20 countries. His almost endless reference list also includes company events for Audi, Nike or Moet & Chandon.

Asian Hawk (GB)

Asian Hawk aka O.Love The Turntablist Turned Troubadour is one of the most original DJ/singer songwriters operating in the world today. Possessing not only the technical skills to hold numerous DMC titles but also the musicality to captivate and rock every audience he plays for.


DJCity regular Hawk holds numerous residencies in clubs and bars nationwide, However his talents also extend to the studio where he is highly regarded as a beatsmith and vocalist, His debut single "i Gotta Know" released on Def Presse in September 2018 under his given name of O.Love.

Production has included tracks for artists such as Foreign Beggers and The Disablists.




Doshy is a Berlin based producer whose music sounds like a combination of Eprom and Wuki’s styles — part experimental low end, part miami bass.


During his career he collaborated with top cats of the 808 scene such as Bleep Bloop or Mad Zach.  He played shows all over the globe and was part of the line up at LA`s famous  LowEndTheory party.

 At SMF 2019 you can jam with DOSHY on Saturday afternoon at the exhibition room or catch him during his live set in the evening. Future bass and 808 in full effect!

Bioni Samp (GB)

Digital Beehive is an installation by British experimental sound artist and beekeeper Bioni Samp. As an electronic music producer and seasonal beekeeper, Samp has researched bees and bee frequencies, and makes work to raise awareness about bees and their increasingly fragile ecosystem. This installation is both an audio journey through the sounds and frequencies inside honey-bee hives, and also a visual journey through a non-linear history of beehives, featuring beehives around the world, Samp’s ‘Hive Synthesiser’ (an ever expanding, DIY modular synthesizer made from recycled electrical components), glimpses of Saint Ambrose, the patron saint of beekeepers, and more.

Digital Beehive was created using the following mainly Samp-created instruments: Hive Synthesiser, Electronic Beesmoker, Binaural Beeframe EMF Detector, Baby Bee Synth, Hex Controller and Honey Viscosity Synth, Hive Tool Resonance Detector, and Allen & Heath mixer.

Bioni Samp has performed and exhibited at Gallery 101 and the National Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada; Harp Art Lab, Harplinge, Sweden; the 16th Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland; FACT, Liverpool, UK; The National Centre for Craft & Design, Sleaford, UK; Sonic Dreams Festival, Waterford, Ireland; Primal Uproar 3 onboard the MS Stubnitz, Hamburg, Germany; the Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway; and many others.

Ray-D (DE)

DJ Ray-D – no other turntablist has transferred his technical skills to the club more successfully. Starting out in 1993, Ray-D has neeer stopped perfecting his style with relentless determination. His dedication to excellence has earned him seeeral German DMC DJ championships and a radio DJ residency at one of Germany’s most popular stations “planet radio”. It is no coincidence that when superstars perform in Germany they call on him for support: DJ Ray-D has performed on stage for Rihanna, Drake, Sean Paul and many more. He twice contributed scratches to gold- certified albums by legendary German rapper Kool Savas “Aura” (2012) and “Märrtyrer” (201.). In 2016 he toured all over Germany on the Serato Educational our demonstrating the latest features of state-of-the-art Serato sofware and Rane hardware. Last but not least DJ Ray-D opened his eery own DJ school in 2018 the Raycademy. Located in Frankfurt (Germany) the Raycademy ofers instructional courses for beginners and adeanced DJs. You can train with Ray- D and learn every skill for becoming a modern DJ: Club DJing DJ batle preparation handling professional DJ and audio equipment and optimally presenting yourself as a DJ in public and on social media. As a philosophy for himself and his students DJ Ray-D stays true to his credo: “Always keep on going”.

Tonspielzeug (DE)

Something new is being created in Berlin. Beyond all the well trodden paths of electronic music. Let's open the door to sound technology of the 21st century - future-oriented, visionary and, above all, handmade…. Tonspielzeug!

Tonspielzeug  combines Turntablism, Finger Drumming and live sampling into a fascinating performance. Ad hoc sounds, beats and samples are looped, alienated within the sound, therefore continuously transformed into a new structure.

Whether ambient, electronic beats or sound collages from literary sound material, it's hard to escape this energetic performance because the music is remarkably original. 

Tonspielzeug - Handmade electronic music from Berlin

Y-ETizm & Skatta (UK)

Y-ETizm & Skatta made a stellar debut to the UK Music scene last year, pulling moves that most upcoming artist only dreams of. First met in 2017 at the BBC Amplified event and shortly after started to work on their collaborative EP, titled "Flavourz".They have also appeared on a panel discussion at 2018s BBC Introducing commissioned by UK Music, to share their experiences of their journey. Shortly after they have been nominated for Urban Music Awards in the “Ones To Watch” category. 

To top this all, Skatta has been the winner of The Artist Fund 2018 in co-operation with Pledge Music and PRS for Music Foundation! 


After performing on various events from London to the Midlands, the first international show took place in Lille and attracted more than 500 people. Than the duo hit Paris in October, scoring an interview with Rinse France, visiting Abbey Road Institute France for The Music Producers Convention and appeared as guest on Mille Pattes Radio. Also the lead single “Style And Trend” has been featured in Starwax Magazine`s compilation vinyl which is dropping in April 2019. See them live at SMF 2019.

Ableton User Group (DE)

The Ableton User Group Berlin is for all interested Ableton Live users based in (or visiting) Berlin. All levels are welcome. Founded in 2013 by Ableton certified trainers Maya C. Sternel and Brian Smith, the aim of the Group is to help Live users network and share information and experience in an informal environment with each other. The meetings are to allow all participants to suggest discussion themes related to Ableton Live, as well as to provide a forum for presenting their own work. We also have artist meetings and expert talks which aim to give an insight into how Ableton Live is used in different production and performance contexts, providing insider tips for optimizing workflows. User Group participants are encouraged to present their own work at the meetings with a live or DJ set at the end of the meetings.

All Ableton Live users are invited to provide ideas and suggestions for discussions. The meetups take place monthly at Panke in Berlin-Wedding. At SampleMusicFestival`s edition Clockwerk and Bioni Samp will present their craft and workflow using Ableton for their performance set up.

Slick Walk (DE)

This duo combines producer Stefan 'Merse' Ulrich - who brings an electronic twist to his bass- driven, sample-based hip hop sound - with mad turntablist skills from German DMC champion


DJ Robert Smith. Debuting on Bandcamp with a self-titled 12-track album in 2015, they went on to become a well regarded live act in the Berlin scene and had their first physical release in March 2017 on Dezi-Belle Records.


Throughout 2018 they worked on a new comprehensive effort, which is due to drop in 2019. See them live at SMF 2019.

KELLE 3000 bpm (DE)

KELLE 3000- musician, sound designer and experimentalist from Cottbus/Germany. The SampleMusicFestival team member is known for his costly, detailed song constructions - using a multitude of mostly homemade sounds and samples.


For some of theses sound studies KELLE created his own instruments. Until 2018 he finished the huge numberof 60 releases including solo projects and collaborations. Since 2005 Kelle has also been creating soundtracks for performers, exhibitions, art galleries and film documentaries.Currently he is working on an sound installation for Deutsche Bahn which will be premiered in October 2019 @ main station Cologne. 


Arkaei is a DJ, VJ, producer and performer with a love for breakbeats in all flavours - and a completely fearless approach to any kind of technology. Over the course of the last decade, he's won several controllerism battles and competed at the IDA World DJ Championships a total of 5 times. Known for always incorporating something weirdly unexpected into his performances, he keeps challenging traditional concepts of DJing using motion sensors, 3D cameras, live-generated interactive visuals, instruments like the Theremin, a Game Boy - and most recently, an RGB laser harp.


At SMF, Ray will host both the opening keynote and a separate workshop. Each session will be dedicated to pushing the boundaries of performance while getting the absolute most out of various kinds of gear, including Allen & Heath's brand new Xone:96 mixer - ending with an announcement he's been holding back specifically for SMF. He will also play the closing set on Saturday night. Expect ridiculous technological overkill - always with a smile :)

Sneaky aka Fingathing (DE)


Sneaky aka Simon Houghton is a Manchester born and bread cellist, bass player, arranger and composer operating out of Berlin. You might now him through the extensive catalog of his trio Fingathing (bass, turntables & visuals).

Arguably, the project could have been the inspiration for the Gorillaz in regards to combining cartoon characters with music. Sneaky also played strings on a slew of songs from artist Robot Koch, appeared live in different configurations with members of the Cinematic Orchestra, Simian Mobile Disco and Mark Rae. Mr. Scruff’s certified hit Get A Move


On (featured in countless commercials) also happens to be set to his signature-style bass line. At the moment Sneaky is gearing up to drop his third solo record, this time venturing out into what he calls lo-fi neoclassical / soundtrack territory. Moondog and Arthur Russell fans will not be disappointed. And who knows, maybe the final destination for this man is writing to images flickering across a silver screen?


Look forward when Sneaky team up with Robert Smith and Jim Dunlop @ SMF 2019. 

Clash of the Titans World Scratch Battle 2019 powered by MIXARS

Due to the big success of the first competition in 2018 we continue the Clash of the Titans battle. Once again chapters that are known for high-level scratching and battles compete against each other. Each country will hold their own local battle in 2019, the winner of the local battle will head to Berlin for the final in August. The format of the final is a 8 person, seeded bracket battle. Seeded brackets are typically used in sports and gaming tournaments.  The qualifying battle for COTT will take place before the main COTT battle.

Each entrant will scratch over 8 bars, to a beat chosen by the organizer. It is a freestyle scratch battle. There may not be DVS plugged in, so come prepared with your own record.

DJ Robert Smith (DE)

DJ Robert Smith is a real Berliner. Growing up in the east of the city he started to get interested in DJing and scratching from early age. Meanwhile, he is acting DMC champion in Germany and thus belongs to the international top league. His routines are unique and have more reach in social media than many of his colleagues. In addition to his technical skills, this is certainly due to his musical versatility.Because since seven years, but felt rather years, he makes as part of the hip-hop combo "Smith & Smart" the clubs from Süd Tirol to Brandenburg and from Bern to Garmisch-Partenkirchen uncertain. The motto is "Two Turntables and a Microphone". 

Jim Dunlop (DE)

Jim Dunloop... "the key wizzard" has been playing his piano for the last 38 years.

He began with a classical education , and by the time he was 14 years old was analyzing the compositions of Gershwin and Bruback, leading to a keen interest in jazz music.

He quickly developed his knowledge of the creative works of many great jazz/funk pianists such as Herbie Hancock , Bob James , Chick Corea and Adam Makowicz.


In 2001 Jim Dunloop moved from Dusseldorf to Germany's art and music capitol Berlin. He quickly began a collaboration with world renowned DJ and Turntablist

Marc Hype ,

resulting in a driving combination of funk breaks , re-edits and oldschool beats.

The live performance of Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop is best defined as a mix of Djing , Turntablism and the highest of piano art.In cooperation with Goethe Institut and the AA the have played Concerts all around the Globe.

Clockwerk (DE)

Actually, Clockwerk is a finger drummer. However, more succinct is the name Kicks & Snare-Acrobat with the right feeling for the Blue Note. This can be felt immediately when Clockwerk plays completely absorbed on his pad controller. Clockwerk has seen a lot in the 20 years of his musical career. Whether as a musical backup for well-known hip hop artists or as a street musician. Like a precise movement, he brings the musical diversity of his instrument to the point.

 In addition to numerous musical collaborations, Clockwerk has released several solo and project albums. He is now booked as a product specialist for renowned companies such as Ableton or AKAI for shows and workshops. His know-how and his playful skills are in demand as never before.

Beatdenker (DE)


Beatdenker plays live and improvises every time and everywhere anew. Multiple guitar riffs, chords and melodies are blown through a magical synthesizer, modified and looped. In addition there are live played drum samples on an MPC.


The outcome is wonky hip-hop beats, thick neurofunk basses, wobbling dubstep grooves combined with dreamy, technoid melodys. It results in a wicked rhythm live set. Action!


Beatdenker from Germany is definitely a must see  - the spectacular combination of finger drumming and skillz on traditional instruments. Don`t miss his show on Saturday evening right after the finger drumming competition.


Bob Kruijer (FL)

Catalyst controller gives you several melodic ‘turntablist’ abilities. It can control MIDI turntable pitch via vertical x-fader movement or key control in your favorite DVS software with ease. It also allows you to control hardware as well as software (VST) Synths with tools familiar to turntablists: vinyl movement and x-fader clicks. The MKII model acts as an add-on and can be used with virtually any mixer that is compatible with a mini-innofader.


Bob Kruijer is the One-Man-Army behind Catalyst. He has been involved in turntablism for over 20 years and has a passion for making new things and applying new technology into his ideas. He combines his aquired knowledge of electronics, coding, and manufacturing to build his creations from scratch.


In his own words: "Catalyst is really a hobby that has gotten somewhat out of control. I enjoy coming up with new stuff and building custom gear for my "customers", and in reality the biggest chunk of the money that my shop makes goes back into new ideas, parts and stuff like that. Turntablism in general is pretty niche, and I enjoy the occasional chats with like-minded people all over the world who shares the same passion that I have. 

Redmist (CL)

Redmist is known by the global scratch community as one of the heavyweights in the South American scene. Having won numerous titles in local and international battles, his skills on the turntables are unquestioned, and his musical approach sets him apart from the many clones out there.


Redmist has his first vinyl release coming out on Cut & Paste Records. It is a jazz- inspired instrumental scratch tool for dj's to use in performances or for use as a sample library, full of original samples, configured in a way that turntablists can use very easily.




With over 17 years behind the decks, 3 state titles and a top 3 ranking at the national DMC championships, NIKK-C has always been an active participant in the Australian turntablism scene.

NIKK-C has been known to create his own turntablist gadgets, programs and visualizations which aim take the art of scratching to new creative heights.


"My artistic goal is to help create performance tools which seamlessly integrate into an existing modern DJ setup, which can be tailored specifically to the workflow of the performer


NIKK-C is the creator of Datablism -the crossroads between turntablism and creative programming. In the current world of DJ hardware and software, we can derive new forms of data from the turntablist and create systems which can visualise or react to the performer in a live environment. Workflow programming environments such as Max/Msp and Puredata will allow the artist to quickly develop new tools and instruments to explore limitless creative possibilities.  

Jam Box

One big focus of the event is the linking of sponsors and attendees in an intuitive way so that everyone who attends SMF 2019 can benefit. We strive to stray from the regular exhibition set up for purely commercial purposes, to do this we  install the "JamBox room“.  


The aim is to animate the attendees to use sponsor products in this musical context. All the equipment will be daisy chained with the PA in the room and so the users may conduct jam sessions in between the hourly product related showcases.

Check the time schedule to get some infos on the artists who will lead you thru the jam session.  


L.Atipik (FR)

Originally from Nantes, France, L.Atipik began the mix in 2006, self-taught, and passionate of scratch, she takes her first steps on stage alongside the rapper Ismael by creating the Rhapsody duo. This first experience will be most rewarding, allowing them to learn the scene.

Over time, several musical encounters followed one another, notably with the artist DEEZ and the group LOWSCHOOL with whom she shares the stage today.

Alongside these collaborations, she joined Dj's "Opus Magnum" collective in 2010, allowing her to be musically enriched alongside all the members of this eclectic association. 

Always in a spirit of openness to different worlds, she created in 2014 a dance company, the company S with her friend and colleague Julie Olivier. 2 shows will be created between 2015 and 2017, including one for young audiences whose goal is to introduce the practice of turntablism to the youngest.

Herrmutt Lobby (UK)

With Herrmutt Lobby there are no loops, no sequences, no backing tracks, no groove machines. Their primary objective is to develop both hardware and software aimed at performing live. Their devices are intended for direct interpretation, producing movement-driven music in real time.


At the festival they will perform on the MultitouchPlayground - a huge  tablet with a custom drum machine map. So join our jam installment to get a clue on this device.

Deejay Rasp (UK)

DJ Rasp is true party rocker behind a set of decks, he made a name for himself on the turntablist battle scene winning 8 British DJ Titles (DMC and IDA champion). You can find Rasp captivating crowds in clubs and events worldwide with a healthy balance of musical selection, showmanship and technical skills.






IDA UK CHAMPION 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017


Akila Be Water (FR)

Akila discovered the art of "Deejaying / Turntablism" with two DVD lessons: Dj School vol.1 & 2 where there is the Grand Master Dee Nasty.

A few months later, she decided to take introductory courses at Dj Nor; well-known in the French Hip Hop scene.

Oriented towards Dj Skeez 101; to the international fame, it decides to train it to the world of the clubbing and to put forward it. She meets DJ KISS, resident of the VIPROOM in Paris, which propels her to help her acquire her artistic experience.



In her spin, she continues and mixes in other Clubs: Palais M, Hype Room, Le Concept, Bobo Club, La Cantine du Faubourg, ... and is solicited until Latvia at the Coyote Fly in Riga. Attracted by the performances, she discovers videos of competitions where there is SCRATCH : IDA, DMC, Beat4Battle, ITF, RedbullThreeStyles ... and is even more passionate. Akila moves to see and experience the live energies of the TURNTABLISM World.

Portablism Competition 2019



Portablism became a strong movement of the turntablism culture within the last years. For those of you who don’t know what portablism is — imagine being able to be a scratch DJ, but anywhere you like. No big DJ setup but only a small portable setup to carry around in a bag. This has been the dream of the turntablist scene for many years. And a dedicated group of DJs turned to small plastic turntables to help achieve the goal. 


This year we are proud to present in cooperation with PORTABLISM GEAR the very first Portablism battle as part of SMF 2019. 

Judging will be done by two German DMC Champions 


⚡️ Dj Robert Smith (Smith&Smart)

If you want to register for the Portablism Battle, order your free ticket here 👉 http://bit.ly/portblism_battle 

The number of participants is limited, so please register only if you are sure you will participate.

The battle will take place August 17th 6pm in