Festival line up 2018

On 3 days, a variety of turntablists, DJs , scientists, finger drummer and beatmakers will  take over Cassiopeia Berlin, transforming it into an in & outdoor play space for sound nerds of all ages. Featuring more than 30 artists from  around the world, this eclectic, futuristic event brings vibrancy to the sample music culture. We thank the many organizers, artists and sponsors who make this festival possible each year.  Here you see the current status of the artists .... watch out for an update!

Donna Maya (GER)

Donna Maya (a.k.a. Maya Consuelo Sternel) is a Berlin based musician, DJ and producer, combining bass music with theremin. She is also the first female Ableton certified trainer. Her creative style led to invitations to perform at Sonar in Barcelona, Transmediale in Berlin and at “Pinakothek der Moderne” in Munich.


Donna Maya studied audio engineering and made a Master of Arts in Systematic Musicology at the university of Hamburg with a focus on electronic music and DJ culture. 

Donna Maya brings together the oldest available electronic instrument with most up-to-date tools for music production and performance. She creates music that has much bass, unique sound- textures and distinct, often polyrhythmic beats. Donna Maya will explain how to make a theremin sounds like a blank groove of a vinyl record, how to create a track out of one short speech sample and building multi-layered textures, bass lines and beats from that and how to use various features of Ableton Live and Push effectively to develop a live performance setup in combination with the theremin. 

DJ Excess (US)

The legend on the wheels of steels - nothing more to say. TITLES

I.T.F. U.S. Advancement Class Champion (2000)

I.T.F. Western Hemisphere Scratching Category Champion


D.M.C. New York Regional Finalist

(3rd Place, 2000)

I.T.F. Western Hemisphere Scratching Category

(3rd Place, 1999)

I.T.F. U.S. Advancement Class Finalist (1999)

I.T.F. East Coast Advancement Class Champion


I.T.F. Western Hemisphere Scratching Category Finalist




Doshy is a Berlin based producer whose music sounds like a combination of Eprom and Wuki’s styles — part experimental low end, part miami bass. During his career he collaborated with top cats of the 808 scene such as Bleep Bloop or Mad Zach.  He played shows all over the globe and was part of the line up at LA`s famous  LowEndTheory party.


At SMF 2018 you can jam with DOSHY on Saturday afternoon at the exhibition room or catch him during his live set in the evening. Future bass and 808 in full effect!

Hannibal Flynt (FR)

Paris based Hannibal Flynt is a legend among the legends of electronic music. He has rocked crowds internationally with sets deeply rooted in Clubbing Music  (Hip-Hop, BassMusic, Club, Dancehall, Moombahton).  


At 88 years young, this Grandpa intends to cap off his career at the world famous Californian festival Coachella... !

Despite extensively traveling the world 2015-16 (London, New York, Barcelona, Paris Nouveau Casino, Paris VIP Room, Chill Up Festival, Mirabelle Festival, etc ...), he managed to make time to launch his Electronic Music Label Ok.k!dZ in which he produced and collaborated on multiple projects.


Arkaei is a DJ, VJ, producer and performer with a love for breakbeats in all flavours - and a completely fearless approach to any kind of technology. Over the course of the last decade, he's won several controllerism battles and competed at the IDA World DJ Championships a total of 5 times. Known for always incorporating something weirdly unexpected into his performances, he keeps challenging traditional concepts of DJing using motion sensors, 3D cameras, live-generated interactive visuals, instruments like the Theremin, a Game Boy - and most recently, an RGB laser harp.


At SMF, Ray will host both the opening keynote and a separate workshop. Each session will be dedicated to pushing the boundaries of performance while getting the absolute most out of various kinds of gear, including Allen & Heath's brand new Xone:96 mixer - ending with an announcement he's been holding back specifically for SMF. He will also play the closing set on Saturday night. Expect ridiculous technological overkill - always with a smile :)

Clash of the Titans

This year we combine 12 brands that are known for high level scratching and battles. SampeMusicFestival Germany, Beat4Battle France, Dubai, Hungary & Belgium, SuperSkratchSunday UK, Cut2Cut USA, Greece, Solo turntablism Spain, Romania Battle and Community Skratch Games  Ireland all come together for an epic battle. Each country will hold their own local battle in 2018, the winner of the local battle will head to Berlin for the final in September.

The format of the final is a 12 person, seeded bracket battle. Seeded brackets are typically used in sports and gaming tournaments. 

Smf qualifying battle for COTT will take place before the main COTT battle. Each entrant will scratch over 8 bars, to a beat chosen by the organizer. It is a freestyle scratch battle. There may not be dvs plugged in, so come prepared with your own record.

If you have entered a previous regional qualifier for COTT, you will not be allowed to enter the Smf qualifier. There are no region restrictions for the qualifying battle, just show up to SMF.  The competition starts on Saturday at 04:00 pm.


Round Table with DJiDada (GER)

Recently a successful female music producer from UK with a lot of followers made a post on Instagram. After her research she noticed that only 5 % of music producers in the industry are female. She asked her followers to tag a female producer they know and nearly everyone answered they dont know any female producer in their environment. So why are women and nonbinary identifying people underrepresented in the music industry? Are there ways to change this situation and what are the benefits of it? These and more questions will be discussed at the panel discussion with some interesting guests.


We are looking forward to invite Rania Kim (Portrait XO),  DJ Freshfluke (Die Urbane), &Claudia (nonbinary identifying DJ, Composer and music producer) and Anna Groß (Springstoff). They will talk about their experiences from the inside of the music scene and the music business.

Jay de Large (GER)

JayDeLarge started playing keyboards at an early age but found himself not practicing what he should but instead experimenting around with crazy sounds and effects on his keyboards.

His love for Hiphop and Scratching started when seeing Videos of the Beastie Boys and Mixmaster Mike.

10 Years of playing in local bands, producing at home, entering small scratch sessions and a diggin trip to Japan inspired JayDeLarge to produce his first album „Tears Of The Rising Sun“ - combining his love for vintage keyboards and sound effects with the growing passion for scratching and producing sample based music.


In 2014 he won the German IDA title in the showcase category with a 6 minute loop based set. Regarding the growing portablism scene in 2017 Jay released a 7“ called Portable Melodies Vol 1. A new take on scratchtools using more melodic and all skipless sounds. This unique record inspired turntablists around the globe to make loop based music. Rightnow Portable Melodies Vol 2 as well as other Beat-tapes and Albums are in the making.



Looping with Ableton – or „How to learn to work with the things you have“. In the workshop I will show how I set up my ableton to use it as a looping device. It's way more flexible than just using a hardware pedal but it also comes with some downsides you will have to learn to overcome. I will also focus more on the creative aspects and the philosophy of using the tools you have to make good music instead of being a intelligent tech nerd with crappy music.

Dr. Ryan Ross Smith (US)

Smith is a composer, performer, and educator currently based in the Catskills region of New York State. Smith has performed throughout the US, Europe and UK, including performances at MoMA and PS1 [NYC] and Le Centre Pompidou [Paris, FR], has had his music performed throughout North America, Iceland, Denmark, Australia and the UK, has presented his work and research at conferences including NIME, ISEA, ICLI, ICLC, SMF and TENOR, and has lectured at various colleges and universities. Smith is best known for his work with Animated Music Notation and as one-half of the live-coding duo The Rebel Scum [with Shawn Lawson]. His Ph.D. research website is archived at animatednotation.com. Please visit ryanrosssmith.com for more information.


In this lecture, Dr. Ryan Ross Smith will provide a brief overview of live-coding in the context of the Algorave format. Using Alex McLean's TidalCycles, Smith will demonstrate basic functionalities, including a basic overview of how the TidalCycles language is structured, pattern generation and manipulation, sample creation and modification, and tips and tricks for the development and performance of a live set. The lecture will also include a demonstration of Smith's work as one-half of the live-coding duo The Rebel Scum using Smith and Lawson's audio-visual, telematic platform The Dark Side.

DJ Myke aka Micionero (ITA)

On the scene since 1997, winner of several national and international competitions, both as a solo artist and with the crew Men In Skratch, DjMyke aka Micionero is an indisputable star of the italian turntablism as well as a renowned producer in the genre of urban/rap and much more. He started his process by experimenting on the sound body, cutting and cooking it, seasoning and spicing it up, involving his body in the transformation. Changing from a mere reproduction instrument, the turntable started to live its own independent life. Eager for meat and blood, it expects a total sacrifice from the dj: undergoing a sonic butchery of cuts and clicks that tears him to shreds. His harm, broken free, can join the turntable platter in a perfect unison. A few days after, a band of stray cats has been seen around eagerly smacking their lips…

Beatmaking Session

Sample Science is the Event that brings Beatmakers and soundlovers together! At the SampleMusicFestival 2018 we host a special edition on Saturday, 01 September and we would like to invite you to join the session.


♦ Anyone who want’s to create a beat can participate

♦ You all get one free licensed sample to work with (provided by Tracklib) 

♦ You have 2 hours of time to finish your beat and present it to the crowd

♦ Beats will be uploaded to our Soundcloud profile afterwards

Are you a beatmaker / producer?

Professional or beginner you are all very welcome to join. Bring your equipment of choice, notebook, MPC, instruments and what not! Please also bring some extension cords to ensure you can plug in all your devices!

It’s not a competition, no one will be judged! So even if you are a beginner, come by, participate, it’s just for the love of music!


Registration: daniel@samplemusicfestival.com

Graf Fidi  with special guests: Drob Dynamic / Flexasize / Solit (GER)

People with disabilities must become more publicly visible and be brought into the limelight since only diverse living teaches a society to grow more open and more diverse. Graf Fidi fights for this cause as a rapper, social worker and speaker on panels regarding inclusion.

„It’s normal to be different“ – Graf Fidi has built a career out of this message. Born with a walking impediment and only six fingers, the rapper and ambassador on inclusion topics masters his job and his passion of music. His slogan has become: „I could do it blindfolded!“ Fidi stands against discrimination and fights for inclusion and accessibility for all.

Fidi has been named inclusion ambassador of the advocacy group „Selbstbestimmt Leben in Deutschland“ (ISL, Self-determined Living in Germany) of the social organisation Aktion Mensch. He’s also a popular guest in panel discussions regarding inclusion and breaking down disability barriers all over Germany. Fidi proves that one can want everything in life despite having physical limiations. This is the key message and impulse for each of Graf Fidi’s appearances. Even if he sees himself as a voice for people with disabilities and practices inclusion on and off stage, his musical range is much more versatile and doesn’t focus only on his disability. His music primarily spreads a cheerful mood –and then and now he likes to make a fool of himself.


On Sunday, September 2nd, Graf Fidi will give a talk about „Inclusion in Pop Music“ and celebrate the release of his new album „Schlimmer Finger“ in Cassiopeia Club. He will supported by Flexasize & Solit.

HHV In Store Performance with DJ Robert Smith & Clockwork

On Saturday, 01.09.2018 we present an indoor showcase @ HHV Store, Grüneberger Strasse 54, 10245 Berlin. This famous record & clothing store is nearby Cassiopeia in a walking distance of 400meters. Look forward to a showcase by the german DMC champion Robert Smith and our SMF team member Clockwork on the pad controller.  


The session starts around 03:00 pm prior to the main session at Cassiopeia. So come along and get some taste of the upcoming program which features turntablism and finger drumming to the fullest.  

Leaf Audio Workshop (DE)

In this well guided workshop we offer to build your own synthesizer or sound module. You can chose from 4 different models Eurorack VCOs or Microphonic Soundbox. The Soundbox is an awesome electro-acoustic sounddesign instrument. Beginners are welcome. Our workshops start with a soldering tutorial and no one leaves without a working machine, promised! We are equipped with professional soldering irons and tools. In this blog report by Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (german), you see how a workshop looks. 

Redmist (CL)


Redmist is known by the global scratch community as one of the heavyweights in the South American scene. Having won numerous titles in local and international battles, his skills on the turntables are unquestioned, and his musical approach sets him apart from the many clones out there.

Redmist has his first vinyl release coming out on Cut & Paste Records. It is a jazz- inspired instrumental scratch tool for dj's to use in performances or for use as a sample library, full of original samples, configured in a way that turntablists can use very easily.

Look forward to a high class showcase on Saturday at the roof area of Cassiopeia. A true master on his instrument will show you how to enter the next level of scratch dopeness.

Dubba Dutch (UK)

Dubbadutch unique take on live performances merging a forward thinking approach of modern dj technology with scratch has not gone unnoticed from some of turntablism’s most highly respected innovators, with the likes of Dj Woody and the creator of the Fretless Fader John Beez, who have both noted Dubbadutch’s IDA World 2016 set as next level.


With 20+ years of dj experience the UK & Ireland 2016 IDA Show champion is grounded from old school learnings tho his approach for live performances has been influenced by features from Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro.



Also a member of the team that helps to run Super Scratch Sunday, Dubbadutch is now performing on many of the Uk’s biggest stages as the scratch dj for London based Hip Hop band, Dat Brass. At this years SMF Dubbadutch will be performing a selection of his most noteworthy routines and will also host a seminar where he’ll break down his approach, workflow and how he builds a routine for live performance.

DJ Competition "strictly Vinyl" presented by HHV Berlin

To all selector & lover of the Black Gold. In cooperation with HHV store berlin we host a "strictly vinyl" DJ Competition at this years event. As the title indicates it's not about scratch skillz  or trick mixing. Musical taste and a sense of the right tunes and tracks are crucial.


Judges: Le Bob, DJ Robert Smith & Funkydelic


Send us an 20 minute mix until 10.08.2018. The best three contributions will play live at the SampleMusicFestival on 01.09.2018 at the Cassiopeia. Win some cool prizes by HHV and a turntable from Stanton. 



Registration: info@samplemusicfestival.com


Jam sessions

One big focus of the event is the linking of sponsors and attendees in an intuitive way so that everyone who attends SMF 2018 can benefit. We strive to stray from the regular exhibition set up for purely commercial purposes, to do this we plan to install a "musical interaction room“.  


The aim is to animate the attendees to use sponsor products in this musical context. All the equipment will be daisy chained with the PA in the room and so the users may conduct jam sessions in between the hourly product related showcases.

Check the time schedule to get some infos on the artists who will lead you thru the jam session.  


DJ Latipik (FR)

Originally from Nantes, France, L.Atipik began the mix in 2006, self-taught, and passionate of scratch, she takes her first steps on stage alongside the rapper Ismael by creating the Rhapsody duo. This first experience will be most rewarding, allowing them to learn the scene.

Over time, several musical encounters followed one another, notably with the artist DEEZ and the group LOWSCHOOL with whom she shares the stage today.

Alongside these collaborations, she joined Dj's "Opus Magnum" collective in 2010, allowing her to be musically enriched alongside all the members of this eclectic association. 

Always in a spirit of openness to different worlds, she created in 2014 a dance company, the company S with her friend and colleague Julie Olivier. 2 shows will be created between 2015 and 2017, including one for young audiences whose goal is to introduce the practice of turntablism to the youngest.

Beat Matazz (FR)

Surrounded on stage by Machines (sampler, looper, midi controller) the french/english Beat Matazz - a finger drummer prince - offers a highly precise pulse and speed playing electronic instruments live.

Rooted in the abstract hip-hop moovement and ancient drummer, its very naturally that he follows the path of artists such as Araab Musik or Jeremy Ellis. The Brain of his set up : The MPC, legendary sampler in rap history is coupled with a looper used to build up beats like a hip-hop version of the artist Binkbeats.

You’ll feel power, it comes from the trap influence and more refined IDM from warp label or beat music such as Flying Lotus, Samiyam and rappers like Roots Manuva. London and Los Angeles are not so far.

Yiv & Santi (MX)

Yiv Gaundumbaff is a mexican pianist, composer, producer and fingerdrummer currently living at Xalapa, Mexico, working and looking forward to develop a fingerdrumming technique of interpretation of different styles of music with Maschine mk3 and mk2. Santiago von is a  Jazz Saxophonist and composer who currently lives and studies at the Conservatorioum van Amsterdam at Holland, with vast experience in the field of improvisation and jazz music interpretation and many performances at places like “Blue Note Amsterdam”, “Bimhuis” or  “Mahogany House” to mention a few. But althought the musical roots of this mexican duet are based on the interpretation of genres like Jazz, Funk, Folk and Hiphop. 

Yiv & Santi are two musicians looking forward to integrate the live performance of traditional music with digital music.  One can expect from them a mix of fingerdrumming and keys by Yiv with the Jazzy Lines of Santi’s Sax to achieve the most possible organic live interpretation of grooves like a jazzy minor blues played and fingerdrummed in a hip hop mood. A groovy reggae based rhythm with strong Sax Melodies or even full electronic genres like house or even dubstep but mixed along with  very catchy sax atmospheres. 

Herrmutt Lobby (UK)

With Herrmutt Lobby there are no loops, no sequences, no backing tracks, no groove machines. Their primary objective is to develop both hardware and software aimed at performing live. Their devices are intended for direct interpretation, producing movement-driven music in real time.

At the festival they will perform on the MultitouchPlayground - a huge  tablet with a custom drum machine map. So join our jam installment to get a clue on this device.

Tim Kroker (GER)

Tim Kroker is a professional drummer (e.g. Front 242) and finger drummer, who in the last few years has become interested in the question whether a controller (e.g. Native Instruments Maschine, Akai MPC) can be regarded as a proper musical instrument. In this context he seeks to transfer exercises and methods from the realm of already existing musical instruments to pad controllers. Moreover, he investigates the many options this new instrument may offer.

At this years festival he will lead a discussion on finger drumming inviting artist who are engaged in this form of making music. His aim is to put this craft more in the public focus gaining valuable insights from different players. 

Sample Slam

The Project “SampleSlam” was founded in March 2015 in Munich. Since then over 10 Slams across Germany, in Berlin, Leipzig, Munich and Heidelberg have been carried out. The philosophy of the project is to give young unknown music producers the chance of being heard and seen on a stage.


The project is not based on making profit. Its main purpose is to act as a connector for creative individuals who seek to collaborate to come up with new ideas and to share their art. 

The concept is simple. Six music producers with different backgrounds in genre, receive a selected packet of samples four weeks before the slam evening. Within that time they have to produce four tracks with each track being not longer than three minutes.

For the production of the tracks they can only use the given samples. No external instruments are allowed. Effects and tools for music production can be used. All genres are allowed. 

At the actual SampleSlam event the producers then meet and battle each other in front of a jury and the crowd. The slammers can now use “organic” instruments such as guitar, beatbox or live vocals to supplement their sets. The jury and partially the audience then decide which slammer makes the way to the finals and becomes the winner. At the battle Techno meets HipHop meets House meets Downbeat. The first three winners receive a price. However, all the slammers gain from a strong and active network of producers from beginners to professional label owners, who use the SampleSlam to find new skilled individuals. 

The project SampleSlam is part of the non-profit society “SampleSlam Musikerförderung e.V.” 



Philipp Nadler


+49 151 46436151


Portablism Session

Portablism became a strong movement of the turntablism culture within the last years. For those of you who don’t know what portablism is — imagine being able to be a scratch DJ, but anywhere you like. No big DJ setup but only a small portable setup to carry around in a bag. This has been the dream of the turntablist scene for many years. And a dedicated group of DJs turned to small plastic turntables to help achieve the goal. Due to that we install at this years SampleMusicFestival an exclusive portablism session for our attendees. Come along on Sunday at 6pm to jam or test some new products. Our partners from 7PS and Portablism Gear will present you some of the freshest gear and prototypes.

Le Bob (GER)

As label owner, founder and curator of BeatEvolution Le Bob Bierkoven belongs to Berlins most prolific DJs in the hip hop music scene. In 2011 he launched with famous beat producer Suff Daddy the project BeatGeeks. Their love for hiphop, jazz, future music and everything in between translated into a bi-weekly producer -night at The Monarch in Berlin/Kreuzberg.



At SampleMusicFestival 2018 he will play a DJ set after the  beat making competition which will be presented by our friends from SampleScience. Look forward to some experimental boom bap future tracks and  jazzy rhythms that put you on the floor. Get a taste of one of Berlins most creative producers collective.  

Skratch Lords (GB/IR)

Jimmy P stood motionless behind the set-up as the alien sound waves reduced the hapless club-loving humans into drones. He could see it happening. Some raver/b-boy with glow-sticks would be in the middle of his flamboyant dance routine and the face would change. Like he remembered someplace he had to be. It wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last. It was just after Thanksgiving in the year of our Lord 2006 when it started - the Bay Area was the point of contact. The first indication that something was wrong took the form of widespread consumer complaints. Millions were returning music they had purchased with the same grievance. “This CD is defective. The music sounds wrong.” But no one could say what was wrong exactly.

Jonny Crash (GER)

Jonny Crash is probably one of the most innovative Bands that the Landscape ‚Lausitz‘ in Germany  has ever released and claims that the future consists of more than just one genre. Stefan Friedrich ' (The Noise with singer Arthur ' Gogoy ' King, ex-Misfits) on drums and SMF resident‚ Kelle ' on the Machines started 15 years ago and are known for their sound buildings  from jazz, gipsy and drum ' n ' bass fragments. For years, the two from Cottbus have been working on soundtracks for film and theatre and let this flow into their band. Jonny Cräsh is based on intensive use of samples and live drumming. The pieces are created by a multitude of sounds, complex beats and moved structures. The Live-Shows are more like a cinema visit, and are anything but not a normal rock concert. 


MIN t is a composer, producer and a vocalist, hailing from Wrocław, Poland where she has graduated from a couple of public music schools. Currently, she is a BIMM Berlin student. Her solo career began about three years ago, having automatically received critical acclaim and stolen hearts of audiences throughout the country and abroad. Her vibrant style, consisting of boundless, often contradictory influences, combines downtempo arrangements, neo-soul grooves and an energetic resultant of modern hip-hop and electronic music. Composition-wise, Martyna mentions such acts as Moloko, A/T/O/S and Flying Lotus as her biggest inspirations.



The avalanche of her original productions and remarkably striking, passionate vocals manifests itself not only on her records, but also during her explosive, hypnotizing live performances. MIN t has supported GusGus, Vitalic, Angel Haze, HVOB and xxanaxx during their tours and shows in Poland. Furthermore, she has performed at major music festivals such as Open’er, Rixpop, Reeperbahn, Loftas, Y NOT, Wooded, Soundrive, Gamma or Spring Break, and travelled around Poland to play at the most significant venues in the country. Live performances are one of MIN t’s prime assets. This concert will be presented by BIMM music college Berlin.

Eveline (GER)

With anindie-electronic symbiosis Eveline are playing the soundtrack for night and day. With their first single„Cliff“ Lisa Kögler and Jan Eric Markert were touringtogether with Queen singer„Adam Lambert“ (US) across Germany. In Berlin`s famous techno club„Berghain“they supported„Låpsley“(UK). The release of their own debut EP„Scared“ in february 2017 was at Berghain’s Kantine. Now they are going to win their hearts on every stage they play.

 Berlin indie-electro-pop at it ́s best!// KALTBLUT Magazine extremely expressive// SPINNUP Distribution

the energy shines through the musicof Eveline// LOLA Magazine. This concert will be presented by BIMM music college Berlin. 

Finger Drumming Competition 2018 presented by AKAI

After the big success of the first Finger Drumming Competition at SMF 2017 we ring the next round. Participants from all over the globe will compete against each others on Saturday, 02.09.2018. Depending on the numbers of participants we plan already a qualification on Friday at GENERATOR Hostel. So keep your eyes open and check our website regularly.  


But you can already register under tim@samplemusicfestival.com. to get more infos. The first six participants will get free accommodation for three nights at GENERATOR Hostel Prenzlauer Berg...  so hurry up!



AKAI presents -From Dilla to Dre- with Andy Mac

Having featured on Craig David’s latest Album along with other artists such as Not3s & Mabel, Ray Blk, DJ Fresh, and No 4 in the U.S Billboard charts with RnB vocalist “Bobby Valentino” this is certainly a guest speaker not to miss. 


Andy is also senior training & Sample Content manager at Akai Pro which has allowed him to connect with some of the biggest producers, labels, artists in the industry learning many aspects of their workflows. With over 2 decades of experience this is the perfect session for a special insight into the music industry covering a multitude of today’s most asked production and performance questions.

Akai Presents From Dilla 2 Dre. This will be a 1 hour seminar showcasing Dilla’s original MPC projects in detail obtained from Amp Fiddler how he programmed his beats on and off the grid.  I’ll also be doing an exclusive performance based around Dre beats all inside MPC.  





In the current public debate about the role of females and queers in the music business it comes out that there is not only a gender gap but also that violence against women is an everyday issue. The recent allegations against numerous men in the entertainment business seem to support the fact that our society’s system of power still supports the emotional and physical exploitation and exclusion of women and queers, ranging from subtle rhetoric undertones to sexual harassment. Furthermore, there is also research that shows that most of the musicians being able to perform in public are cis-male (around 86 %).


It is thus one of the aims of the " Gender in DJing and Music Production" (GiDaMP) as part of the SMF to create a protected area in modern music in order to empower women and queers to participate as fully accepted and integrated members of the music scene. Female representative and founder of GiDaMP DJiDADA (picture above) will lead a round table on this subject matter inviting different guests of the female DJ community.

Datflex (ESP)

Hola! DJ DATFLEX is one of the best DJs in Spain and also he has got a recognition prestige around the World. His specialty is scratch, beat Juggling and controllerism.


On stage he is a real show to see how he play his skills and techniques with a classy repertoire going from Rap to Glitch Hop, Drum & Bass and Future Bass.

Datflex is the only spanish DJ who has competed internationally on 9 times in such important championships as DMC World, IDA World and Red Bull Thre3style. 3rd place IDA World 2016. Come and see him performing on Saturday at the roof area.


Lexodus (GER)

Imagine if The Roots & Snarky Puppy had a baby, then Mike Skinner & Andre3000 also had a baby, and these babies both happened to meet at the Berlin love pool and create a happy accident.  The result would be Lexodus.


Lexodus is a live hip hop experience: A quintet of multi-instrumentalists, fronted by the man LxD himself; locked, loaded, and ready to deliver a rich and electric live performance.

 The music of Lexodus is brash and loud, warm and inviting, and always bursting with laughter and spontaneous dancing energy. Taking influence from many genres, the sound is deep and complex. Lexodus captures the crowd with a commanding stage presence and shoots them space-ward bound.

“Lexodus is an UFO in the current hip-hop landscape” Rock School Barbey Watch him perform on Saturday at SMF2018.

This concert will be presented by BIMM music college Berlin.

Messkla (FR)

Messkla from France had been brought up on Hip-Hop culture and started mixing Dubstep on vinyles in free underground parties in 2006. 


Being fond of fat bass scores and of dark atmospheres, her sets are extremely varied, going from Dubstep, Grime, Bassline to Bass House, Dark Garage & Hip-Hop. 

Narrowly-specialized in her selection, she targets as well purists as curious audience.

For 2009, as a radio presenter, she has been broadcasting Hip-Hop and Bass Music on FMR, a 36-years old local radio station. 


In 2014 she has been part of HertZ'Hyene, a female Dj's & producers crew from Toulouse.

She also makes Dark Dubstep remixes with her sidekick Flashball13 ! Look forward to a DJ set on Saturday evening.

Leaf Audio (GER)

Microphonic Soundbox is an experimental instrument and a sound design tool. Depending on how you integrate it in a soft- or hardware setup, it lets you enter new and otherworldly sound spheres.

The story of our Microphonic Soundbox is a personal story, going back to the year 1997, when LeafAudio‘s Manuel Richter was exploding the experimental music scene. One of the first devices he was building himself was the Microphonic Soundbox, which he simply called „the woodblock“ at that time. Twenty years after it‘s creation, the original woodblock was still in use, still an exiting tool to create unique atmospheres.


When increasing processing power of computers in the mid 2000's made it possible to work with live-sampling and realtime audio processing without much latency, also the way to use the Microphonic Soundbox was changing. The Microphonic Soundbox, Midi controllers and Ableton became one instrument and the perfect tool for intuitive live improvisation of atmospheric, other-worldly and unique layers of sounds. It‘s a brilliant sound design tool!

In our Microphonic Soundbox workshops we want to build the Soundbox as an instrument, but also want to show it's integration in various audio systems and give you some ideas for further processing. 

Whattagirlz (PL)

WHATTAGIRLZ is a project consisting of DJ Praktyczna Pani & Agnieszka Trzeszczak on the drums. Praktyczna started DJing in 2006 and became finalist of the polish Red Bull 3Style Championships. She has been taking part in several MTV shows, the Orange Warsaw Festival and other events in Europe. Her partner Agnieszka is the female face of polish drumming. In 2009 she took the second place in a readers' survey conducted by the ‚Top Drummer’ magazine and became in 2014 a double winner of  the first edition of the polish awards ‚Eugeniusz’. Look forward to an incredible live performance of two prolific musicians.