Education Program

We offer workshops for turntables, MIDI controllers and novel sound tools. Where unique and interesting techniques can be learned or existing skills refined. We offer workshops for all ages, different genres and skill levels. The focus is on the playful experience with our instruments and less on the theory. Of course, the individual topics may overlap.


The DJ Workshop teaches the basics of playing and mixing music on professional equipment. The aim of the workshop is to acquire the basic skills of a DJ such as rhythm, feeling and song selection and to ultimately present them in front of the audience during a short performance.

Finger Drumming

In the Finger Drumming Workshop, the skill is learned on the pads of a MIDI controller. The focus is on the acquisition of rhythmic skills and basic technical understanding. In addition, it is about the right sound selection and its translation into a musical structure.


Turntablism is the technical expansion of conventional DJing. In our workshops, basic techniques such as Scratching, Beat Juggling or Tone Playing can be learned. These techniques are also suitable for electronic music. Our instructors include trained music educators, title holders and product specialists.

Beat Making

At the Beat Making Workshop, our instructors teach the basics of computer-based music production on MIDI controllers. These devices give you full control over program-based sounds. In this way, the structures of rhythms and songs can be learned intuitively and quickly.

Sound Tools

As organisers of the SampleMusicFestival, we are in close contact with developers and start-up companies in the music industry. These are manufacturers of apps and novel musical instruments. In our Sound Tool Workshop we present these models.