The aim of the annual symposium at SampleMusicFestival is to advance the art further as well as to theorize the subject. This idea is open to anyone interested and will promote a wide definition of DJing and sample music, involving not only audio but other media such as video. In this section, we present thesis, books, and compositions of people who are engaged in questions related to sampled based music. We would like to extend this overview in the future and we are thankful for any new info on interesting projects which we can present here. 

Gabriel Prokofiev

Composer from the UK who wrote the orchestra piece "Concerto for Turntable" in which a turntablist plays as a soloist.

Ryan Ross Smith

A scientist from New York who seeks for concepts of Live Coding & Animated  Music Notation based on sample music.

Tim Kroker

A professional drummer who transferred teaching methods to finger drumming and developed a music notation for that art. 

Sophy Smith

Female scientist from the UK who wrote a thesis on "Hip-Hop Turntablism, Creativity, and Collaboration"

DJ Radar

He recorded with Raul Yanez the Concerto for Turntables album, fusing a symphony with a turntable as their chief instrument. 

Javier Nistal

Master thesis on "Rhythmic arrangement from finger-tapping audio signals" which can transcend finger drumming.  

Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen

Scientist from Sweden who wrote one of the first thesis on "The acoustics and performance of DJ scratching".

Johannes Kreidler

A composer who works in the field of sample-based music linked with concepts of contemporary multi media artforms.

Luigi Comito

Inventor of Syntablism - an artform which triggers modular synthesizer by means of turntablism playing techniques.

Mark Katz

Award-winning music historian Mark Katz's groundbreaking book about the figure that defined hip-hop: the DJ. 

William James Baldry

Thesis on Turntablist Performance with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy @ the University of Leeds.

Megan Ross

Master thesis on "Institutionalization of Hip Hop DJ Education" @ the University of North Carolina.

Alexander Sonnenfeld

Inventor of S-notation which was employed as theoretical framework for handmade sample-based music.

Raymund Junior Pirtle

Brooklyn based multimedia artist who invented a grid notation called Turntable Transcription Methodology (TTM).

Bob Kruijer

Helsinki based inventor of the Catalyst - a midi controller for turntablism which triggers VST applications in many ways. 

John Beez

Inventor of the fretless fader, which allows for a vertical axis of the crossfader to modulate different pitch scales.

Stephen Webber

Emmy award winner for composition and the only music professor who teaches turntablism at Berklee colleague. 

Turntablism and finger drumming was not invented by academics. It was a process of decades of research by DJs and peoples who are driven by the love of making music and the seeking for something new- no matter which type of education they had. SampleMusicFestival would like to thank all the incredible artists and developers who have created the fundamentals of an academic approach which helps us to gain more knowledge.  


Use the guestbook below to discuss experiences of performing, analyses, music, and technology with us and give some input about any new advancements in this field. 

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