Clash of the Titans 2018

This year we combine 6 brands that are known for high level scratching and battles. SampeMusicFestival Germany, Beat4Battle France & Belgium, SuperSkratchSunday UK, Battle Ave USA and Community Skratch Games  Ireland all come together for an epic battle. Each country will hold their own local battle in 2018, the winner of the local battle will head to Berlin for the final in September.

The format of the final is a 6 person, seeded bracket battle. Seeded brackets are typically used in sports and gaming tournaments. 

Timeline of Battles

Battle Ave (US)


Beat4Battle (BE)

Beat4Battle (FR)

Super Scratch Sunday (GB)


05.03.2018 Online

31.03.2018 @ Bierhaus Galway

05.2018 TBA

06.2018 TBA

07.2018 TBA

02.09.2018 @ SampleMusicFestival 2018