Final Finger Drumming World Championship 2020

Beathoven Edition

Final Live Stream Finger Drumming World Championship 2020. GET HYPED! We are about to present the TOP 8 entries from this year's SMF Finger Drumming World Championships and reveal the winners - on top of that, special guest DiVinCi will host a live workshop! Visit MELODICS Twitch.TV on Friday August 21th, 7PM CET and GET A TWITCH ACCOUNT if you don't have one yet. 

Top 8 Finger Drummer !!!

World Championship 2020

THE JURY HATH SPOKEN! Here are the TOP 8 participants of this year's SMF Finger Drumming competition - click through to the YouTube playlist via the button below. Starting today, these 8 competitors have 2 weeks to submit their next video entry. We're super excited about the high skill level on display here what do YOU think? Here are the names of the finalists.


Steve Nash

Beat Matazz

Lax da Monk

Dok Brass

Tony Beatbutcher


Rick Feds




Finger Drumming World Championships + Beat Battle 2020

Beathoven Edition

The SMF Finger Drumming battle is back with the official world championship format and a special category for beat makers! Due to travel restrictions not being possible we will hold an online battle and shift the focus to one of the most popular composer of the music scene's 250th birthday, Ludwig van Beethoven aka -Beathoven-!


Submit a 2min live finger drumming routine or a 2min track. Get creative! We want to celebrate musicality and showcase what finger drummers and beat makers can do with their skills. Simply use the works of Beethoven in some form. Your imagination is the limit. There are no restrictions in terms of equipment.


  • Total of 2 rounds for finger drumming competition / Total of 1 round for beat making category.
  •  Round 1. Submissions need to be submitted by the 26th of July. 
  • For finger drummers: Please submit a video (MP4 or MOV file) directly to info@samplemusicfestival using subject -Finger Drumming-. For beat makers: Please submit an audio file (MP3) directly also to using subject -beat making-. We ask you to not publish your videos & tracks until the battle has published all submissions. 
  • We will publish all qualifier videos and tracks from 22th-29th July. 
  • All finger drumming submissions to be judged with the top 8 going to the final round, announced on the 7th of August. The top 3 winners of the beat making category will be announced on 7th of August.
  • The finger drummer finalists then have two additional weeks to submit a 3min finger drumming routine as their final round videos. (round 2 videos due August 21th.)
  • Final round videos are released to the public during a Livestream on August 29th where the judges scores will be revealed.

Prizes Finger Drumming

  1. ABLETON Push +  Live 10 Suite + Melodics 1-year subscription & engagement as part of a Melodics artist event
  2. Live 10 Standard + Ableton Hoodie + Melodics 1-year subscription
  3. MAGMA > Digi Carry-On-Trolley + PLAYGROUND App yearly license + Melodics 1-year subscription

Prizes Beat Making

  1.  Live 10 Suite + Ableton Hoodie + Melodics 1-year subscription
  2. Ableton Live Standard + Melodics 1-year subscription
  3. MAGMA > Digi Carry-On-Trolley + PLAYGROUND App yearly license + Melodics 1-year subscription

Judges & Criteria


The judgement will focus on the following criteria; creativity, technique, timing, sample selection and comments on social media. We don`t take mixing or mastering skills into account regarding the beat making competition - it´s all about the inspiration. 

Samples & Midi files

  • All forms of audio samples of Beethoven` work, interpretations or remixes