2018 powered by SCHENKER Technologies

 The fourth SampleMusicFestival exceeded all expectations. On three days approximately 2000 people from 15 different countries visited the four different locations of our installment. In these we hosted showcases, lectures and workshops which relates to DJing, controllerism and music production. In addition to that we organized five different competitions specialised in skratching, finger drumming, DJing, beat makingand sample slamming.  For the first time we streamed highlights of the event with up to up to 8,000 viewers on Facebook.  SMF 2018 featured around 40 artists with a proportin of 20 percent of female artists.


Guest speakers and artists: Hannibal Flynt, Donna Maya, Skratch Lordz, Redmist, Datflex, Dr. Ryan Ross Smith, Jay de Large, Tim Kroker, Andy Mac, David Finger Haynes, Dada Scratch, Messkla, Freshfluke, Isa Latipik, ARKAEI, Clockwerk, Johnny Cräsh, Whattagirlz, Eveline, MinT, Lexodus, Vazè, Paul Dubba Dutch, Beat Matazz, DOSHY, Rote Schule, Yiv, KELLE 3000bpm, Sample Science, DJ Werd, Soulrock, Sample Slam, Le Bob, Flexasize, MC Fidi, Drob Dynamic, Finalists of the Clash of the Titans Battle,  

Sponsors: SCHENKER Technologies, Serato, Musicboard Berlin, Rane, Novation, AKAI, Alesis, Mixars, Generator Hostels, Ortofon, Sennheiser, HHV Berlin, DJCity, KRAVT, PellePelle, Melodics, BIMM, Audio Technica, Allen Heath, KRK, Stanton, Hermutt Lobby, Tracklib

Photos by Jacob Kapler, Juano QG, Scandalas Pix, Max Reibert