2017 powered by SERATO


The third installment was the biggest success for the concept of SMF so far. Over three days we had around 1000 visitors from more than 15 different countries. In cooperation with Serato and Battle Ave we have released a SampleMusicFestival edition of a DVS record vinyl. For the first time ever we have hosted a finger drumming competition with participants from Italy, Poland, UK, Hungary, France, Germany and Russia. The intense crowd reaction to this battle was testament to the strength of this growing community. At our annual symposium we have expanded the range of topics,  with subjects ranging from music sociology & psychology to syntablism.


Guest speakers and artists: DJ Excess, Dr. Ryan Ross Smith, Dr. Arno Simons, ESKEI83, Akila Be Water Shen, Symatic, Moschops, BattleAvenue, Dada Scratch, That fucking Sara, DJ Freshfluke, SirCut, Radikarl, ARKAEI, Matrix Futurebound, Clockwerk, Mani Draper & DJ Flow,  DJ Redmist, DJ Guzt, DJ FSO, Skratch Lords, BMaul, Leaf Audio, Kelle, Matrix, Futurebound, Viper, Recycle Berlin, Sample Science

Sponsors: Serato, Musicboard Berlin, Native Instruments, Technics, AKAI, Alesis, Mixars, Generator Hostels, Ortofon, Sennheiser, HHV Berlin, DJCity, SubPac, Ableton

Photos by Arno Simons, ARKAEI