2016 powered  STANTON

At the second SMF we installed an exhibition area for equipment relating to DJ technology and music production. Guest speakers from different countries were presenting their work on the scientific field of sample music. San Francisco's Battle Avenue were hosting their skratch battle Cut2Cut which was just unbelievable. After a successful three-day event we had a great aftershow party @ Cafe Wendel in Kreuzberg as part of the -Sample Science- session. 


Guest speakers and artists: D-Styles, Dr. Ryan Ross Smith, Johannes Kreidler, DJ Raedawn, DJ Rafik, Doshy, Tommy Tone, BattleAvenue, Rob Bankz, DJ Unkut, Dario Scenario, Skratch Lords, ARKAEI,  Radikarl, Clockwerk, Tim Kroker, Grzly Adams, S-Trix

Sponsors: Stanton, Musicboard Berlin, Native Instruments, Generator Hostel Berlin, KRK, Tascam, Mixars, Reloop, AKAI, Denon DJ, DJ City, HHV, KRAVT, VibrA School of DJing, Ortofon, Serato, Drum Pad24, Melodics, Sennheiser 

Photos by Ruth Zuntz & ARKAEI