2015 powered by STANTON

At the first SampleMusicFestival we had the great privilege to present the work of the UK`s famous composer Gabriel Prokofiev, writer of the 2011 orchester piece „Concerto for turntable“ in which Mr. Switch plays as a soloist on the turntable. Parallel to that Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen was presenting his pioneering thesis on acoustic consequences of scratching. Tim Kroker, a music notation for finger drumming, and Alex Sonnenfeld explained his transcription methodology for turntablism. 


Guest speakers and artists: ESKEI83, Comfort Fit, Mad Zach, Mr Switch, DJ Unkut, Jimmy Penguin, Djackulate, Symatic, HitYaWitThat, Gabriel Prokofiev, Alex Sonnenfeld, Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen, ARKAEI, Marc Hype, Tim Kroker, Grzly Adams, Dario Scenario, HitYaWitThat Berlin, Alex Boy, Armin Hollywood

Sponsors: Stanton, Native Instruments, Ortofon, KRK, Pelle Pelle, SAE Institut, Reloop, Glorious, Tascam, KRAVT, HHV Berlin, DJCity, Cerwin Vega, KRK,  Reloop, VibrA School of DJing

Photos by scandalaspix