SampleMusicFestival is a grown project of music enthusiasts who are engaged in the field of handmade electronic  music.  We are open for any kind of help or suggestions to promote the concept of the event. In case of any questions don`t hesitate to contact the team. Thank you!

Alex Sonnenfeld

Alex is the CEO of the Sample Music Festival. He is performing tasks within the framework of planning, organization and industry liaison. 

Tim Kroker

Tim is a professional educated drummer and pad controller enthusiast. He takes care of all aspects of finger drumming at the event.

Evelina Schürmann

Evelina is the gender representative of the festival and founder of the initiative GiDaMP - Gender in DJing and Music Production. 

Erik Kubik

Erik is the right person to get in  contact regarding jam sessions and the skratch competition. Furthermore he is responsible for  artist relations .