The Sample Music Festival is a three-day, musical interaction festival for handmade electronic music. It provides various installments  for jam sessions, a podium to exchange expert knowledge, open discussions, and high quality live performances. Making music by means of sampling in electronic music will be more transparent and viewed from a theoretical standpoint using lectures, discussions, and interactive workshops. 


The annual symposium and the video capturing of the event create invaluable content, ensuring sustainability for the next generation.


Our target group is primarily electronic musicians, who need a venue where they can meet and collaborate. Come jam with us and have a good time !


In cooperation with our partners we host varied competitions specializing in turntablism, finger drumming, and handmade electronic music. 

Since day one we have worked closely with cultural institutions and training establishments for music. Our mission is to transcend boundaries between the underground scene and the academic field of music. Using research and development to build on existing knowledge to create new knowledge. We can learn from each other, so be a part of it!

Photos by Ruth Zuntz, ARKAEI & Battle Avenue