Thank You for SMF 2018!

More than 2000 visitors on three days in four different locations. Five competitions with participants from 15 different countries. So much positive energy and a lot of skillz. We are just overwhelmed on the feedback of this years installment. Check the pictures to get a clue whats happened the last weekend in Berlin. We are already hatching plans for 2019. Thanx to all sponsors, artists, organizers and attendees who helped to put sample music culture on the worldwide map. 

The Sample Music Festival is a musical interaction festival for turntablism, finger drumming and music production. It provides various installments  for jam sessions, a podium to exchange expert knowledge, open discussions, and high quality live performances. Making music by means of sampling in electronic music will be more transparent and viewed from a theoretical standpoint using lectures, discussions, and interactive workshops. 


The annual symposium and the video capturing of the lectures create invaluable content, ensuring sustainability for the next generation.


Besides the different showcases, experts and brand representatives present music equipment in the exhibition area, allowing festival attendees to get hands-on experience with the newest gear.

Let`s Play!

Our target group is primarily music maniacs , who need a venue where they can meet and collaborate. Join the jam sessions and have a good time !


Experience three unforgettable days and nights in the extraordinary atmosphere of Berlin.

Come kick it with some of the best underground artists worldwide.


In cooperation with our partners we host varied competitions specializing in turntablism, finger drumming and electronic beat making.


Our aim is to push the different fields of sample-based music to be regularly studied curriculum at Universities. Knowledge is the key to success and the future of sample-based music.

Since day one we have worked closely with cultural institutions and training establishments for music. Our mission is to transcend boundaries between the underground scene and the academic field of music. Using research and development to build on existing knowledge to create new knowledge. We can learn from each other, so be a part of it!

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors! We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors, without whom our event would not be possible.