Sample Music Festival is Berlin’s annual gathering spot for an international audience of creatives driven to explore the limits of contemporary digital performance art. Since its inception in 2014, it has become one of the most anticipated community events worldwide and is currently branching out as a pop-up event in collaboration with established industry powerhouses such as ProLight+Sound Frankfurt and Dubai.


Music tech startups, experts and brand representatives present equipment in the exhibition area, allowing attendees to get hands-on experience.


Experience three unforgettable days and nights in the extraordinary atmosphere of Berlin. Come kick it with some of the best underground artists worldwide.


Our annual line-up of avant-garde artists show off their skills in jaw-dropping live performances, and share their knowledge.


The annual symposium and the video capturing of the lectures and showcases create invaluable content, ensuring sustainability for the next generation.


Our aim is to push the different fields of digital performance art to be regularly studied curriculum at Universities. Knowledge is the key to success.


In cooperation with our partners we host varied competitions specializing in turntablism, finger drumming and electronic beat making.

Since day one we have worked closely with cultural institutions and training establishments for music. Our mission is to transcend boundaries between the underground scene and the academic field of music. Using research and development to build on existing knowledge to create new knowledge. We can learn from each other, so be a part of it!